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36 High quality photoscanned assets

All assets are True-Terrain 4 and Asset Browser ready, meaning you can use these high quality assets directly in Blender, or using our impressive scatter system in True-Terrain.

Asset materials were built in Blender 4.0

For use with the new principled shader, all assets were built in Blender 4.0. Blender 3.6 WILL break material controls.

The Assets


Tree Stumps




Super-easy to use

Whether it's as an asset library, or in True-Terrain!

High. Quality. Assets!

Seriously. You wont find assets of this quality anywhere else for Blender!

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product
Do I need True-Terrain 4 to use this?
Nope! This can be used either as a True-Terrain pack, or an asset library for the Asset Browser. True-Terrain does come with the benefits of having a scatter system to use with these packs, however.
Will more content be added to this?
No. Our content packs will not have content added to them as free updates. Any and all content packs we release will be paid. It takes a lot of time and money to create these packs and ensure they're optimised and to the highest of quality.
Is this asset pack ready for any other 3rd party tools?
Our asset packs will be available only as libraries for the Asset Browser, or for True-Terrain or our other tools.
We'll be making sure all our asset packs going forward are Asset Browser compatible so that any 3rd party tools that support the use of Asset Browser integration will support the use of our content packs.
How resource heavy are these?
We've opted to ensure the most optimised and highest quality method we can for this and future packs.

All the assets are using WebP image textures for the best lossless conversion from heavy PNG files. This content pack using PNG files was close to 18GB in size and is now closer to 5GB in size.

This and all future packs come in 3 resolutions: 2K, 4K and 8K. We chose to not include different mesh LODS for the objects as this has little to no impact on the size of the packs, but it also allows the end-user to modify the meshes to suit their needs.
Are these Eevee compatible?
Yes! All these assets are compatible and optimised to be used in Eevee. Although there are custom shaders with sliders for wetness and snow, these have been optimised so that Eevee can render these without any slowdown.