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Feeling like your renders are missing that final touch?

That atmospheric feeling and this cinematic look? But you don’t know how to achieve this or even what’s missing?

You're not alone!

Let me tell you that you’re not alone and just found the perfect place to learn everything you need, to give your renders the final touch.

Don't make the same mistakes I did

I started with “Photoshop only” art years ago and spent countless hours digging through tutorials on how to achieve specific things. I was searching for tiny bits of information in an ocean of content and puzzling together a skillset to achieve the results I wanted.

Stop looking for single puzzle pieces

I created this course to help people save hundreds of hours searching through videos by combining everything I’ve learned over the past 5 years working with Photoshop and Blender.

From Beginner to Pro

We’ll start at the beginning, understanding the differences between 3D software like Blender and 2D software (Photoshop, Photopea, Affinity Photo, etc.), learning how to create masks and adjustment layers and use Blender data to our advantage.

In the end, you’ll be able to fix mistakes in your render, change colours to your liking, add atmosphere, fog, clouds, stars, light rays, rain, and snow to take your renders to a whole new level.

Warning: You'll get homework!

Seriously. Just watching the lesson won’t get you comfortable editing your renders. You must get in there and practice what you learned from that lesson.

That’s why I designed little homework tasks for you to try everything for yourself and get familiar with the UI and the tools we use.

Practice makes perfect!

Of Video Content
of Content and Resources
4,000hrs +
of experience in one course
Satisfaction Guarantee

We created a postPRO Addon!

As we progress through the course we’ll take the pass data from Blender and if you've ever done that, you know it's tedious...

So we just made an addon that does the heavy lifting for you...

Select the ones you want and get denoised passes in no time. It even creates a clown pass for you in a couple of seconds! Check all the features here.

There is still more!

As we progress through the course we’ll take data from Blender and also use brushes inside the editing software to achieve specific results. The addon for Blender will make saving the data way faster and the brushes and presets let you achieve incredible results in no time. Similar brush packs sell for ~50$, you get it for free with this course.

Ok, let's recap what this course offers

Still unsure?

Just take a little peek into one of the lessons and one of the .psd files with the free tier. There is also a tiny brush pack for you to try out.


All the most commonly asked questions, answered below

Do I need Photoshop for this course?

No. Although this course was filmed in Photoshop and designed for it, you can use similar software such as Photopea (free) or Affinity Photo (one time payment). If you don't know which software is the right for you, grab the free option and take a look in the Software Comparision video, where I go through the alternatives to Photoshop and their pros and cons.

I'm already quite good a post processing, can I still learn something?

This really depends on your actual knowledge. If you can create and save masks based on content, color and with the help of blender passes, know how to use the specular, environment, ambient oclusion, mist, emitter and volume pass to create different effects, know how to clean up render mistakes, you can add rain, snow, stars, moons, fire, lightrays and such with a few clicks and if you know how to use all the adjustment layers and camera raw to create exactly the images you want, then I think this course has little to offer.
If you still want to try it out and honestly say that you didn't learn something useful and all the .psd files and workflow videos didn't help you, then I'll refund you the course!

What software/hardware do I need for this course?

Every system that runs Blender should suffice. You'll need an internet connection to download the lessons and all the extra content and some space (~ 20GB) on your hard drive. To watch the video lessons you'll need a video player (already installed on linux, windows and mac) and speakers or a headset. The cheat sheets are in .pdf format, which you can open with most internet browsers or use a .pdf file viewer like Adobe Reader (free).

What language are the lessons in?

All lessons come with english (only) audio.

Do the lessons have Subtitles?

At the moment there are no subtitles available.

Can I watch the lessons offline?

Yes, you'll get all the lesson files as downloadable files (.mp4) to watch however you like.

Can I use the extra files (brushes etc.) with other software such as Affinity Photo?

The brushes and presets are made to be used with Photoshop but also work with Photopea and Affinity Photo (and any software that loads .abr files). Some settings however are not supported by some of the alternatives and therefore some brushes might not work as intended or need adjustments (e.g. the "Stars" brush comes with white color as default but if the software doesn't support saving brush color then it's not available). You can test some brushes with our free tier.

Still have questions?

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