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"Abandoned Spring Sanctuaries"

Design a mesmerizing 3D environment in Blender that represents an abandoned spring sanctuary, where nature has reclaimed its dominion. This theme challenges participants to combine the beauty of spring with the allure of forgotten, weathered structures.

Countdown Ended

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What this is

This is a small asset pack we made for our contest "Abandoned Spring Sanctuaries". This was free for a limited time while the contest was running, but is now only available as a paid version.

Please see below for the contents of the pack.

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All the assets you need

We've made the perfect small spring asset pack

Need some spring assets for something you're working on? Finding all the other nature libraries too expensive? Grab the Abandoned Spring Sanctuaries pack complete with Trees, Rocks, Flowers, Clouds and Materials.

Tree's a company... Not a crowd

Meet the terrific trio of trees we've included in our spring-themed 3D asset pack for Blender: the Blossoming Beacon, the Lush Luminary, and the Verdant Virtuoso. These three arboreal amigos will bring life to your scenes, with their distinct foliage and charm. So, elevate your springtime renders with this leafy threesome that's sure to make your projects tree-rific!


Introducing the fabulous foursome of rocks we've included in our spring-themed 3D asset pack for Blender: the Rugged Rascal, the Polished Pioneer, the Sturdy Sentinel, and the Majestic Marvel. These four geological gems will lay the foundation for your scenes, providing the perfect balance of texture and character. So, rock your springtime renders with this solid quartet that's sure to make your projects absolutely boulder-ful!

Flowering your scene into life

Unveiling the vibrant bouquet of flowers in our spring-themed 3D asset pack for Blender! This diverse floral ensemble showcases a cornucopia of colors and shapes, capturing the essence of spring's natural beauty. Let your springtime renders blossom with this delightful medley of blooms, adding a touch of petal-powered perfection to your projects. Unleash the full bloom potential and watch your scenes come to life!

Cloudn't... be happier

These fluffy formations bring a new level of depth and atmosphere to your scenes, effortlessly blending the elements of earth and sky. From wispy cirrus to billowing cumulus, our cloud assortment delivers a touch of ethereal beauty to your springtime renders. So, let your projects soar to new heights and immerse your viewers in a sky full of wonder with our cloud-tastic expansion!

We can't think of a fun 'Material' pun

We added some materials too... More precisely some of the materials we used in the Promo render. We think it turned out pretty well! 

How to use

Please see below on how to install this asset pack. This is not an 'addon' and is not installed via the addon installation method under the user preferences.


This pack should be first unzipped into a location that you wish to store the assets.

Once you have done this, go to the user prefs, "File Paths" and then click the + button next to the "Asset Libraries" window.

Then just point the file-explorer window to the ROOT folder of the pack you just unzipped.

Accessing it

Once you have installed it, save your user prefs.

Then from the main Blender window, change a workspace to the "Asset Browser".

Then where it says "current file" in the dropdown at the top left, select this and choose the Asset Library you just installed.


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product.
This isn't showing up in my addons...
Good eye! That would be because it's not an addon, and is an asset library designed for Blender's Asset Browser.
Do I need an addon to use this?
Nope, this pack is designed for Blender's Asset Browser. It installs as an Asset Library via the Blender user prefs under "File Paths" option.
Do you have this page in a different translation?
No, the Google translation widget is no longer effective within the iframe we use to embed our fancy product pages. Please view the source page HERE where you can translate it.
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